Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order amount to use Sezzle at checkout?

“Minimum sezzle check out?” At this time, my Xclus Beauties I can only offer sezzle for all Xclus Ready to Wear & Ship Wigs, Xclus lashes, my Xclus Rapid Hair Grower, and Xclus Nourishing and Growth Oil. Once custom wig orders began, the Sezzle option will be available for that as well.

Does Sezzle base the payment plan off of my credit, or add interest?

The payment plan is through a 3rd party company called Sezzle that does not charge interest or check your credit.

What happens if I miss a payment during the duration of my payment plan?

If you miss a payment on your payment plan, you must contact SEZZLE This is a third party company, I do not handle payment plan issues.

If I decide to purchase through the payment plan option, will I have to wait until I’ve fulfilled the entire payment for my hair to ship?

Not at all! Your treats will ship as if you purchased the hair right out. Please refer to my shipping policy for further details on shipping. You will have an agreement with Sezzle and it is your obligation to pay the hair off through the third party although you’ve received your hair.

Do you have a physical storefront location?

I am an online only company for the time being

Do you offer wholesale?

No, not at this time

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Due to COVID at this time I have refrained from offering expedited shipping, but will update my site once the option becomes available

How many bundles do I need to get a sew in or make a full wig?

How many bundles do I need? I recommend: 10”-16" two or more bundles 18”-22" three or more bundles 24”-30" four or more bundles 32” or longer 5 or more bundles If you have any questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact my customer support email with serious inquiries only